Articles by Fountainhead Advisors Principals

Fountainhead Advisors principals have authored or co-authored numerous valuation-related articles that have appeared in many of the leading business valuation journals. In addition, they have written articles that have appeared in various professional journals that enjoy wide circulation. The following is a sampling of our published articles.

  • “Valuation Essentials for CFO’s” – FINANCIAL EXECUTIVE
  • “Use and Misuse of Dupont Analysis in Business Valuation” – BUSINESS VALUATION REVIEW – MARCH 2002
  • “Managing Your Business as an Investment: How to Build Shareholder Value in Private Companies” – THE JOURNAL OF CORPORATE ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
  • “Reconciling Initial Value Estimates and Determining Value Conclusion” – BUSINESS APPRAISAL PRACTICE
  • “Market Approach – Using Guideline Companies and Strategic Transactions in Valuations for M&A” – THE VALUATION EXAMINER
  • “Measuring and Managing Value in High-Tech Startups” – VALUATION STRATEGIES
  • “Adjusting Value Through Premiums and Discounts” – BUSINESS APPRAISAL PRACTICE
  • “Tips for the Valuator” – JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTANCY
  • “Making Sense of Rates of Return and Multiples” – BUSINESS VALUATION REVIEW
  • “Debt and Equity Weightings in WACC” – CPA EXPERT